Florida Charter School Commission

In accordance with section 1002.3301, Florida Statutes, the Charter School Review Commission [CSRC] is established to review and approve applications for charter schools overseen by district school boards. The statute assigns the CSRC the same powers and duties as sponsors pursuant to s. 1002.33 in regard to reviewing and approving charter schools. If an application is approved by the CSRC, the district shall be the sponsor of and supervisor for the new charter school and shall be provided an initial proposed charter contract pursuant to s. 1002.33(7)(b) within 30 calendar days after the CSRC’s decision granting an application.

Applications submitted to the CSRC will undergo a rigorous review process to ensure the applicant has a high-quality charter application and has demonstrated the capacity to operate a charter school within the state of Florida.

Application Support

This website is maintained by the Florida Charter Institute [FCI] to assist groups who are considering submitting an application to the CSRC. The DOE has selected the FCI to provide administrative and technical assistance by reviewing and providing an analysis of charter school applications submitted to the Commission. After reviewing the information on this page, if you have any additional questions or need additional support, please reach out to us at info@flcsrc.org.